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Established in San Francisco Bay Area in 2015. Xiang Xiang Noodle is the first Shanxi Knife Cut Noodle (山西刀削面) restaurant in the USA. The founder of Xiang Xiang Noodle, Mr. Chang, is originally from Shanxi, and strives to bring the most authentic taste of Shanxi and northern Chinese food to the USA.Everyone has a familiar flavor that brings them back to their childhood. They say, "It tastes like home." For Chang, leaving the ancient capital of Shanxi to live abroad meant giving up his favorite aromas and flavors that had been forged over thousands of years, and the delicious recipes that had been passed down from parent to child over hundreds of generations. This inspired Xiang Xiang Noodle, an ode to classic, authentic Shanxi food with a casual twist.


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